I guess that you have to be, first, a guy, and second, a guy who likes good hooch, third, a guy who likes good food, and finally, a guy who likes great cigars. If you are lacking in one of those qualities, then you have to at least tolerate those of us who do.

If you are among the chosen few who enjoy the finer things in life and like to shoot, then Allah be praised! You found a home at Marc's house on Saturday evening.

We had the best of all worlds. Everyone contributed. We had a wide selection of cigars (the real reason for the evening) and Marc broke out the liquor. We had blue cheese from the Maytag Dairy Farm in Newton Iowa, courtesy of Nowell (his birthday present from Bruce) and a variety of crackers from Perry (in violation of instructions).

Here are scenes from the party:

The original group. We should call ourselves Genesis or Begat because everthing that has ever happened after this began with us.