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Guys with Guns and Mentos
June 14, 2008

It would have been a normal GWG night but Joe had to bring up the Mythbusters episode on Mentos in the workplace. When I went to get the food I picked up a couple of bottles of Diet Coke and some Mentos so we could try it. It went fine until Marc and Karl decided to elaborate on a simple idea and screwed up the second bottle with a cork. Next time we won't use a cork and it will probably work fine.

Anyway, Marc got his comeuppance and we shot the heck out of his spinning bottle display despite his warning not to. Mike got the first bottle cap to fly with the .22 and that was the end of our self disipline.

The movies tell the story better than I could so watch the little suckers and enjoy a GWG night in your own home along with Marc, Mike, Joe, Perry, Karl, Aaron and Nowell.

(Movies Click Here for the Viewer, if needed)

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