The first GWG was so successful that we had another one in September. Marc’s friend Tom drove his motorcycle down from wherever he lives and he joined in. We’ve added three more guns to the roster: a Walther P99 with red dot scope, a RWS Diana (named after my wife!) Sig copy, a S&W 317 (which is a real .22 caliber pistol but we only shoot powderless Hummingbird rounds which are similar to pellet gun pellets) to our original Crossman 1911 Colt.

I brought my shotgun so everybody would have a gun for the group shot, establishing a trend for the future. (It also is the reason our armory will grow! Everybody shoots, everybody eats!)

The roster: Marc, Ernie, Tom, Joe and Nowell.

I brought enough guns so everybody gets one. We are one seriously well armed, good looking group.