We don’t typically have women at GWG events but Carol isn't typical. Neither was the night. It was one of the smaller GWG's events and a good time was had by all. Paul and Carol came down from Santa Barbara for reasons that escape them even now. Paul went to the Lemon Grove Gun Club to shoot something and, as he was so fond of telling us, "I got up at 4:30 and I'm tired" so he stayed down here. (Marc must love him a lot since he gets to sleep on the floor tonight.)

We had a good meal and Carol got to shoot with us in between the chapters of whatever book she was reading. Good food, good cigars, good booze, nice woman, sounds like a good night to me!

We are getting seriously classy! Paul and Carol are from Santa Barbara and they don't mind hanging around Marc because they are related to him and don't have a choice.