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Guys with Guns and Trucks and Animals and Monsters and Dinosaurs and Rabbits and BarBQue
July 15, 200

This was the biggest night yet. We did regular guns, machine guns, target guns, gun guns... just about everything. We shot up the monster trucks with the airsoft bb guns (plastic pellets that don't hurt the truck) and drank just a little. We did, however, kill off a lot of cigars.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

The arsenal has a few additions. Thanks, Cabelas.

We parked the trucks in the shade because it was very hot in the sun.

Marc prepares the swan target. Those are tribal markings on the outside.

Steve rustles up some dinosaurs, monsters, gorillas and other plastic animals.

The get the brunt of our pellets.

Karl works out.

Mike and Damian load guns.

Roger has a really cool rifle. If I had it, I could trade it for a car.

It is the most accurate gun we have.

Steve shoots his heavy iron.

Damian took these photos of the humming bird.

Steve shot the hands and feet off of this gorilla from thirty feet with four shots.

The Boys.



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